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Hey Vinglers, tbell2 here! For my {TT} I have to share my favorite belt! Buckle belts are ingenious! I always had issues with belts wearing away before and these buckle belts don't have that problem (as bad). They are definitely worth the money and you can ger whatever design out there! And idk I just love the idea of the seat belt buckle being used as a belt! I like the design and its a greay addition to my anime accessories! What are yours? Make a {TT} card and tag @InVinsybll in it! Who else loves buckle belts? Comment below!! X) they are literally a godsend!
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It's like a Black Buckle-r! (PUNS)
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and thanks for sharing!
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@InVinsybll hahaha oh my goodness haha but good one!
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oh I have a straw hat belt like that
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niceeee c:
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