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Growing up I used to hate tights.

Not because they were extremely uncomfortable and unflattering, but because they would always tear. I always remember random runs appearing down the middle, in the inner thigh area and anywhere else it saw fit -- I would throw them in the trash without a second guess, but little did I know -- they could still be put to good use. I'm not much of a tights woman these days, but if I do happen to find myself wearing a pair -- I try my best not to rip them. I know I can't be the only woman who has ever ripped a practically brand new pair of tights and trashed them without questioning their decision.
Well ladies, it's time to stop being wasteful and recycle those tights. You're probably wondering what in the world can a pair of tights be used for, but the real question is -- what can they not be used for? All this time we've been throwing away our tights and we could be putting them to good use. It's never too late. Keep scrolling to learn how you can put old tights to use and stop being wasteful.

Useful Ways To Use Old Tights:

1.) Keep Your Hair Brush Clean
2.) Clean Metal Surfaces And Prevent Scratches
3.) Remove Deodorant Stains From Clothing
4.) Use To Replace The Stuffing In Pillow
5.) Prevent Window Drafts By Filling With Kitty Litter

For A Few More Useful Tips..

Keep scrolling to see the video below.

I'll never throw another pair of tights away again.

Ladies, were you familiar with any of these hacks?
@JordanNash I know you're all for DIY's.
This is great! I love ideas about reusing old items and repurposing them for different uses!
Hah, it's okay I knew what you meant @EasternShell
Omggggg! Yes! I totally remember that. My brothers used to do that. and that's actually a pretty smart idea for spanx @EasternShell
I was thinking. Before you could but the wave caps in the store, guys would use a section of old pantyhose. The legs work well as a strainer. And I used to wear the tummy section of control tops over a new pair for extra control (pre-spanx)
yayy! you're welcome :) I figured you might enjoy this if anyone happened to @JordanNash
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