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Oh Chanel fur cute...♡♡♡♡
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what are they doing to him though...he looks so exhausted :(
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GD in the house.. GDs runway show...😍😍😍😍
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Just imagine this: Your outside of the fashion show sitting on an ally way wall with your friends You and your friends are all fans of GD but you were fans of GD and Chanel so it was a one up for you :3 Excited to see him again coming out of the building, you waited anxiously for those big yellow stained doors to open After a few minutes, you see him coming out and instantly you and your friends fangirled right then and there You always thought of meeting GD, even if you never went to any of his concerts, or a fanmeet, this is the best closeness you can get to..... But as much as you enjoyed it..... You wanted more.... You yelled out his name..... He had his back turned to you and then instantly turned around as he heard his name being called (when he turned around in the video) His eyes landed on you and your mouth instantly drops He's looking at you.... He noticed you..... You lock eyes for 3 seconds, and he quickly jumps in the car You couldn't believe it.... He noticed you.... And he looked at you for more than a glance..... As GD leaves, you see that he stares at you with a smirk before driving away.... You stood there dumbfounded.... He smirked at you, he looked at you.... You just couldn't believe it! The next day, you come back to the building where you and GD first had seen each other, you STILL couldn't believe it so you went back to check if it was all a dream.... Same building.... Same 🚫 sign on the door.... Same black car.... Wait, BLACK CAR???? You recognize the car from yesterday's fashion show and you see someone coming out of the car..... You eyes widen at the sudden man in front of you... G-G-Dragon??? {the rest is up to your imagination :p TROLOLOLOLOLOL}
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@catchyacrayon My cute Girl... I didn't notice that was a comment until I went back to read my notification, I thought I was reading a Fanfic..... Rest of the story goes... GGGG Dragon... Jiyonggggg... Oppaaaaa....▶Here is my number call me maybe.....♡♡♡♡
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ohhhh myyy ohhh myyy... Mi dios!! <<excuse my Spanish lol GD is just ... wow. just wow. Love this outfit ... and with his furry hat <PERFECTION> My day is just becamed perfect. *G-Dragon Baby* 😍
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