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I don't usually get really excited for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games and the last one I played was the Arcade Cabinet version and I wasn't really too fond of that one either. But after watching this trailer and knowing that Platinum worked on this game, I am unbelievably excited about playing this game later this summer.
Character Action Games (as I've heard them called) and I have had a pretty long history. For a while they were the only types of games I played because it was the closest thing to playing a fighting game with a story. Learning and unlocking new combos pushed me forward and was my main motivation.
Games like Devil May Cry and God of War were my favorites and I've since tried to get back into the genre but wasn't sure where to start. And now, with this seemingly low-impact Character Action Game, I feel like I can get back into it.
There's a lot to love about this trailer, especially the moments where all of the turtles attack at once or do combos together. It's stunning and I really can't wait to get my hands on it.
The other thing I noticed was...
... That they decided to go with the IDW Comics character design (you can see them above). And I'm really glad they chose to go this direction. They still look agile and quick and not bulky and weighed down by too many accessories like the design from the latest live-action movies.
I like that this game exists in its own world instead of being a tie in to the movies or the previous titles. While I won't care too much about the story, especially with the way the dialogue is all super corny, I think I'll enjoy the game from a strict gameplay point of view.
But what do you all think? Is this something you might want to pick up?
Hardcore. Raw. Fresh. 👌
Yes! It looks fun :D
Not a big TMNT fan but this looks cool!