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I made these for me and my bae last night :D it was funnnnnn if you want I can make you guys something!! let me know and make a card with the pictures I want, it could be just you....or you and your bias....or watever!!! tag me in the card you make @lashonda0917 @SugaMint @amandamuska @PrettieeEmm @SusiBosshammer @JessicaVang @Isolate @DanaMichelle @Kpossible4250 @JessicaEvaristo @amooon13eg @PatriciaS @Stefany17 @EvelynLoyaRico @ChelseaGarcia @kirene1999 @Nikkitty@KayLeeRose94 @MissT615
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then make a card of you and a picture of yongguk!! just do like a said above ok? with the hair and camera position @Nikkitty
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and then tag me in the card
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@AnnaArai ok I will do.. thank you! ^_^
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@AnnaArai Oh! Thank you 馃槄
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