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We're a long stretch away from summer, but thanks to J. Crew -- things just heated up a bit. Your favorite retailer has officially launched a sunglass collection and it's rather enticing. From the looks of things, J. Crew might of stolen Lay's slogan 'you can't have just one'.
We knew we could count on J. Crew to bring us high quality fashion. For the women who refuse to wear shades year round, you will immediately change your mind after laying your eyes on these beauties. The shades range from $98 to $125 -- so start saving up because you'll be spending a pretty penny. Just keep in mind, it's always quality over quantity -- so splurging every now and then is okay. Keep scrolling to see an amazing line of sunglasses that will bring life to your face and your wardrobe.

All of my sunglass wearers, what do you think?

Will you be investing?
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