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look at that face!!!
so first off someone posted this picture on vingle and I thought it was very cute and accurate on how some k-pop fans are (like me)
and a very good friend of mine works at a restaurant and thru conversation (she was training him and asking him life questions) they got to talking about friends, like me.
and she mentioned that I've been driving her crazy lately, talking about GD and top in Paris and about running man and how BIGBANG will have more songs coming out.
and he said that he's a fan of GD. she also stalked his Facebook to see if he was just saying that and he wasn't. so I really want to meet this guy! I would be so happy to have someone in the same city as me as crazy about GD!!!
who else would be crazy excited to have a guy in your city that liked GD, or any members of BIGBANG or of any k-pop groups!? would you be crazy like me? or all cool and calm??
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