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It's an age old question...

You'd be amazed by what kind of debate can spur from this. Some people love pencils, some people love pens. However, which is the one that is more preferred. There's hundreds of writing utensils to pick from but these are by far the most widely used. So the real question is... Which do you prefer?


You're super familiar and comfortable with these. From preschool to high school, you've never gone a day without a pencil. It allowed you to doodle freely, write crude things on desks, and mess up on writing portions without anyone knowing. There's an array of pencil sharpeners and pencil holders. Pencils come in standardized #2 or mechanical. A pencil is a pencil: awesomeness. Anyone and everyone can use one without needing assistance.


This is the adult's tool. It's the professional tool. Pens will always look more fluid and elegant compared to its led counterpart. A pen is an attachment of the hand in a way. You can definitely tell a good pen from a bad one. Fine point pens are always the best and gel and liquid have their discrepancies. There's an array of colors and with each having some distinct connotation. Red is for grading. Black is for documents. Blue is for everyday. Adults love pens.

Which do you prefer? Leave a comment!

i'm an artist, so when I draw, I prefer mechanical pencil. But if I'm writing or taking notes, I'm always using pen. I just prefer it for its many colors and smoothness. I have a shameless addiction to colored pens, really.
I depends on the situation. I always carry both around because I love to draw and ink my drawings.
Hm... I'm an artist, so 4 me, I always need a pencil by my side. But I love ink. So, I prefer a pen, except 4 sketching & note-taking.
For me, it depends on the situation.
it really depends on what I am doing... if writing I a ledger pencils preferred, if filling out application or forms then pen is used... if I am drawing I will usually draw with pencil.
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