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Human Hungry Hippos

Whether you've seen this in action before or not, you have to admit that YOU'D LOSE YOUR MIND playing Hungry Hungry Hippos--Human style!
There are a bunch of these videos online. This one is my favorite because it's hysterical to see these people hurl themselves into a ball pit, straddling a carpet dolly attached to a cord with a laundry basket in hand to collect the balls.
Of course, if you're old-school, you could always purchase the Hasbro game from Amazon for about $27 and have a go at it. Personally, I think it'd be way more fun to do this when you're tipsy and blindfolded.

Would you play this game?!

@reyestiny93 @TiffanyWallace @LenaBlackRose @arnelli @ZoilaObregon @CelinaGonzalez @TracyLynnn @BluBear07 @GossamoKewen95 @JessicaChaney Y'all can join my totally awesome super fun team, or you can join @marshalledgar's just slightly above okay team.
@TiffanyWallace YES MADDAM AND I AM SURE TO WIN @ButterflyBlu
@TiffanyWallace nits not fun without a competitive edge! Lol @ZoilaObregon team sea slug will be glad to welcome you! @arnelli IT WILL BE A BATTLE TO THE DEATH!
@marshalledgar @TiffanyWallace Nothing wrong with being a little competitive ;p. @ZoilaObregon My recruitment technique failed! OTL
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