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so I was tagged by @amobigbang and @KeziahWright to do the shuffle playlist challenge and so I did ....but I also screen shot my bias wrecker for fun. and the results strangely make sense but in a not so good because my Ultimate Bias is totally being invaded right now kind of way
UB: Jin!!!! Goodbye bye - nu'est my reaction: never!!!!! holding on to my UB feels for dear life while my wrecker stands on the side lines laughing evilly and trying to lure me over to the dark side with his sexy dimpled smile and adorable antics and......wait?! no!!!! I must not give in
wrecker: namjoon!!! hotshot- take a shot my reaction: yes I know you want your turn but this isn't a democracy...it is a dictatorship and I say you cannot take over jins place. I cannot take a shot with you.....wait! what was that? you're not asking???? this is an invasion?!?!?! SOUND THE ALARM WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!! rant over lol