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Who made us laugh the most this week?

The caption contest this week was SO exciting everyone! We had a bunch of really amazing entries and I was, as always, totally blown away by how funny all of you are. This week's winner is.... drumroll please!

Congratulations @CadoAngelus !!!

You get to pick the next character for the caption contest ^_^

Let's give @CadoAngelus a round of high fives!!!

And a big round of applause for everyone who made captions this week!

You each put smiles on our faces :D

We'll be back at it again on Friday!

In the meantime, stay groovy everyone :D
@jannellvillanue I get mixed up all the time, let's just say it's part of our goofy charm XP
@CadoAngelus before I forget congrats and nice choice
@jannellvillanue thought you might lol
@jannellvillanue it's ok we all have moments like that. I was beyond confused for a long while on here xD
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