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Bulletproof team!

Well before we get to the 15 random facts lets have the basics shall we? Of course my name is Ashley! Im 22, and im ray of sunshine lol.

1. When I fangirl I FANGIRL HARD! Seriously! You might not want to be around me. Unless of course you are a fellow fan girl! Although you may be harmed in someway pull a Namjoon alot I tend to break things... and people.
2. I have no clue what I want to do in life. My friends have always told me they see me doing movies. A few have even had dreams about it.
3. Ive been into Kpop OPENLY for about 2 years now, SECRETLY for about 4. I'm from a southern state in the US Kpop isnt generally recognized around here.
4. I love to dance! I'm not good at it but i have fun!
5. I love to speak Korenglish. Im sure you can guess what that is. My friends understand it but every one else is like WTF.
6. I looove to read. If it can be read i will read it! And if its good i will read until im finished often without eating.i have that type of personality where I don't sleep or eat or even move until I finish something. I read twilight in 3 hours lol.
7. I am a harry potter freak! Yes I know the spells, and yes I use them IRL.
8. I am from Alabama probably one of the most Kpop obscure places on the planet.
9. I am a high octane full force happy going type of girl(think of JHOPE as a girl, I make a pleathera of weird noises) . I love being around people but I also love being alone. I never had trouble making friends. I did get called weird alot in highschool but i didn't let it get to me and I actually had friends in every clique. I didn't belong to a clique because I like to be friends with everyone! Hey it comes in handy because i always have somewhere to sit!
10. I love making faces at people! It makes them smile and i love to make people smile!
11. Nicholas Cage was my first ever celebrity crush. I still love him I've seen every movie he's ever been in! And I can even tell you that in the movie con air his characters daughter and I share the same birthday.

12. I once ate a poison berry just to see if i would live. *SPOILER ALERT* I Lived.

13. I LOVE FOOD!!!! But I often forget to eat. I don't know how. My friends have to check on me often. They can usually tell though because I'm not my usual happy go lucky self.
14. I ate ice cream with chop sticks. My grandmother laughed the whole time!

15. JIBOOTY gives me feels....

congratulations you now know how weird I am!
@QueenLee @KeziahWright @LaurenDimalanta I was 12 and I felt like superman!
haha hey we'd get along well๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’“
you legit described me in a older version.
@ScarletMermaid thanks I got mad chopstick skills. And can't no berry take me down!
I'm really impressed by that chopstick ice cream thing! As well as quite relieved to know you survived a poisonous berry! and btw I love Harry Potter too! I make wayyyyy too many references at work every day lol
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