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Time to write an anime!

Hello Nakama, it's time to answer a very special anime challenge. This one brought to you by the very wonderful @tbell2 To see her original post: click here! This one's all about creating your very own anime! Now doesn't that sound fun? I'm excited for this because I've thought about doing this and can't wait to tell you all my idea. So without further delay, let's get started!

1.Studio: Toei Animation

The studio behind both Dragon Ball Z and One Piece, Toei is the perfect studio for my anime. I love the Toei art style and animation. They work really well with shonen/action type animes and their record speaks for themselves. Behind two of my favorite animes, Toei really is the studio I trust to do my anime justice and if all goes right my characters can team up with the Z fighters or the Straw Hats and how cool is that?

2. Genre: action/shonen

Yeah I'm a big fan of the action genre in anime and my anime will be among them. My anime will have all the shonen tropes in it and poke fun being self aware (similar to One Punch Man but a little more serious). Taking inspiration from DBZ, Fairy Tail and One Piece my anime will also be high on the Nakama, cause who doesn't like that?

3. Setting:All over the world

Many battles will take place all over the world; primarily in the USA, UK and Japan. I'll tell you more about the plot in the next point but demons attack the Earth over the course of a year and attack in different locations around the world. Most settings will take place in America (the hero's home) the UK (Hero's base) and Japan (because what anime would be complete without Japan?)

4. Plot and main Protagonist/Antagonist

Damian Cross, a young man at the age of 20 and a fighter who's respected in the world of MMA. After an encounter with a strange man Damian finds out he's been turned into a vampire and that same man is the one who did it. His name is Alexander and from now on he is going to be his trainer. Damian must give up the life he's come to know, all of his family and friends, in order to train as a vampire to eventually save the world. Alexander tells him of the great demons who are coming in a years time, lead by the white witch, Desarai. Alexander informs Damian that he grows weak and needs an apprentice to take over and since Damian is already a strong fighter and a young age he's the perfect choice. There are many Demons as well as some other comrades of Damian's that have yet to be named.

5: My role in the anime

There's a lot of me in Damian. He dorky, a little clumsy but has a good heart and a strong personality. He never gives up and always keeps moving forward. Oh and he loves anime and manga. I guess you can say I wrote myself into the protagonist role without writing myself into the protagonist role.

6. The title: Fight of the Vampire!

This is a working title, I'm not good with names and titles. I would love to find a new title that's a little shorter and rolls off the tongue better. Any suggestions?

What do you think? Do you like my idea? What's your signature anime?

Make your own card and let everyone know! Don't be shy no one is here to make fun of you. Tag the Mod team as well @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll and myself. We'd love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
@BobbieStinson Alucard sure is awesome, King of the vampires!
@NikolasSatterwh @MajahnNelson I will do it. Make my dreams come true!!
@MajahnNelson @XavierLopez @NikolasSatterwh thanks you guys. I do like the title, was thinking about writing it into a novel first see how that works out
@tbell2 thanks Tia! I'd be real excited to see it turned into an anime. I see it in my head and it's awesome, time to turn it into a reality
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