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My Very Own Signature Anime
Hey Nakama!
Always-awesome community support @tbell2 came up with this new challenge, which posits us with thinking about what kind of anime we would make if we had the ability to! IF you want to see her original challenge card, it's right here!
Right here you'll find my response to this challenge.
Hobey-ho! Let's go.

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Studio Pierrot gets a lot of flack, because they've had some noticeable blunders in their animations in the past. However, I would still want to go with them because they have animated some of my favorite anime, like Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Genre: Shonen/Comedy

I love action anime. My favorite parts are usually major fights or moments of eye-destroying power. But I also don't love it when these anime take themselves too seriously. So something like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or One Punch Man would be cool to me. Probably similar also to Gintama from what I've heard about that.

Setting: NYC

Greatest city in the world.

Protagonists: Ensemble

I wouldn't want just one main character. I would want 5 or 6. I know anime tend to focus on one character, even in an ensemble piece, but I'd want every character to have equal strengths and faults, though they could be specialized to one thing or another.
I'd want the antagonist to be one overarching, overly powerful individual. This person would be well established financially, politically, and physically. Maybe a corrupt mayor or billionaire who's trying to eradicate the poor and working class of NYC.

My Role: Weird Cameos

I believe in the death of the artist, so I wouldn't want myself involved overtly, just maybe with little easter eggs here and there for the committed fans.

My Title: "Our Artful Crimes"

Either "Our Artful Crimes" or "The Art in Crime". Something that combines those two ideas. After all, crime is art.

So that's my response to the challenge! I encourage everyone who reads this to make one of their own and tag me in it so I can see it!

And don't forget to tag @tbell2 as well for making the challenge!

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@sosoaloraine23 you should make one too!
2 years ago·Reply
Great setting! NYC sounds like the perfect place for this anime!
2 years ago·Reply
I love that studio they make my favorite Anime
2 years ago·Reply
i like the second title better!
2 years ago·Reply
*thumbs up to the Gintoki picture* This was Really good. I like the theme you've created a lot. I'd watch it for sure!
2 years ago·Reply