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Have you ever wondered what your makeup would look like if the man in your life chose a specific look for you daily? Most men don't even know what contouring is, let alone the baking effect -- so who knows how our face would turn out. Rather bare, if you ask me.
Well, leave it up to Buzzfeed to show us what a nightmare it would be to have our boyfriend make life decisions -- like how we would beat our face for the day. These women have no clue what to expect after their boyfriends tell the makeup artist how they want their girlfriend to look. Let's just say, the looks are definitely hilarious -- and that's not a good thing. Keep scrolling to see just how much these fellas know about makeup, just make sure your boyfriend's not watching with you. We don't want him getting any ideas.

Let's admit this was rather cute.

Cute and super hilarious!
Ladies, would you let your boyfriend choose your desired makeup look for the day?
@jordanhamilton yeah I see where you're coming from
Oh I've seen this one! So cute! I love Kandee Johnson. Obsessed might even be a better word lol. I feel like Allison and I are attuned. If she had a southern accent, yep. That's the things I'd say. Haha! ;)
I agree! it was pretty amazing @gatorchick96
That was awesome!
that was so sweet and hilarious馃槃馃榿馃槅
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