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I will be spending Valentine's Day with a helluva lot of pizza in my mouth. Enjoy some shameless pizza porn...
Pizza Hut always does me right. Pepperoni and cheese. Nothing else. Two larges. One for now and one at midnight. There might be a slice or two for breakfast the next morning.
Keeping my Valentine's Day cheap and cheerful is a date with Little Caesars. Check out this Deep Deep Dish and crazy cheese bread combo. Extra extra extra marinara sauce makes this complete!
Shakeys is where I go to get my pizza, my fried chicken and my seasoned potato mojos. If you've never tried this combination before, you simply haven't lived. If I'm feeling spendy, then I might sit by the window in my favorite booth. I go to the one on Laurel Cyn Blvd.
When I'm feeling optimistic and lucky I turn to the darkside and order me a ginormous extra cheese pizza from Domino's. Their pizza is hit or miss, which is why you have to really be feeling lucky. And while I am a sucker for pepperoni, their's just tastes awful. Stick with the cheese-only menu.

Who else has a date with Pizza on Valentine's Day? I can't be the ONLY ONE!!!!

we should have a singles VDAY where we all order the same food and write about it.
@ButterflyBlu XD sure. 馃崟
@marshalledgar I agree! I don't know what I'd do... But just as long as it's your choice, @animerg13, and you're happy! I feel so bad for people who have allergies and have to stop eating things that they love so much. If you just don't like it, more power to ya! And. Umm... Can I have your cheese, please? ^__^
@randysqwishy23 馃槹 I'm sorry PIZZA why have I forsaken you.
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