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Sometimes it's a hassle to go through cards to learn more about people so I'm gunna re introduce myself. WITH PRONOUNS AND EVERYTHING!!! Just in case if y'all wondering bc pronouns are important sometimes
Hi!!! Hello!! My name is Adia. I'm 17 gunna be 18 during the summer I also go by Ross or Adian bc my real name is hard to pronounce. The pronouns I use are they/them/he (If you have questions don't be afraid to direct message me!! I don't bite)


I LOVE TO DRESS UP AS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. I love anime and foreign cultures. So HMU if ya wanna talk about cosplay tips or to just talk about anime.
I'm hella friendly And really weird!!

Hey guess what???!!

I ALSO LIKE KPOP I like a lot of bands It's too much to type out

Let's be friends or at least I hope we become good friends.

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some good cosplay
2 years ago·Reply
@JoseYzaguirre AHH thank you very much!!
2 years ago·Reply
ones i liked most was rise from tokyo ghoul
2 years ago·Reply
@JoseYzaguirre AHH thank you!! I really enjoyed cosplaying her she is my favorite.
2 years ago·Reply
yeah i bet she all pycho and full of energy it actually cool
2 years ago·Reply