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If you're like myself, then you're probably huge fan of the beanie. I can literally wear a beanie or hat in general everyday of the week and still managed to look put together. A lot of people have this notion that a beanie will take away from your look, but that's not the case at all. It's all in how you wear it -- and of course, your hairstyle is extremely important. If you're a lover of hats and want to get a few options when it comes to hairstyles you can incorporate into your look -- keep scrolling to see three easy winter hairstyles featuring the beanie.

Are you an avid beanie wearer?

If so, how do you normally style your hair?
I hope this video was helpful.
I love these tips! Thank you! : )
Definitely agree! They're great! I own so many @EasternShell can't live without them
She was so upbeat. I am into beanies and hats. A good solution for a bad hair day or to complete an outfit.
You are very welcome :) @aschneberger