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I finally got around to finishing this and I hope you guys like it...I included some facts for people you may not know that much about BTOB's Ilhoon. My personal bias in the group is a tie between Sungjae and Minhyuk. This was suggested by @punkpandabear and @JustinaNguyen

BTOB also known as Born To Beat is a 7 member kpop group that debuted in 2012. Ilhoon is a rapper and vocalist in the group

Ilhoon, whose real name is Jung Il Hoon, was born October 4, 1994

BTOB is under CUBE entertainment who also represents BEAST, 4Minute, and Apink.

Their Fandom's Name is Melodies!

He has killer dance moves as well XD

Are You Intrested In BTOB A Little Bit Now....If Illhoon Didn't Catch Your Eye.....Check Out The Other Members(something extra I did)


He's the leader and the main vocalist of the group!!

Minhyuk *BIAS*

He's the visual(makes sense), vocalist, and a rapper in the group


He is one of the vocalists and he's the funniest to me


He is the vocalist and dancer of the group


One of the vocalists and dancers of the group


He is the proud maknae along with being a rapper and vocalist

Tell Me Who Caught Your Eye In The Comments Below!!!

I Hope You Enjoyed This Overdose And Introduction(Kinda) on BTOB...If you think they look good wait till you see them in action...

Try checking out: "Way Back Home", "It's Okay", and "You're So Fly"

@punkpandabear You're welcome
Ilhoon's my bias, theres no close second or wrecker right now, there's just him. He's the reason I really started listening to BTOB. Thanks for this overdose @JohnEvans
Its Illhoon and Minhyuk but...there's something about Changsub that always catches my attention XD
@LeighHolgate Your're Welcome :D @KaeliShearer That's what I'm saying lol
@JohnEvans Hyunsik just needs to calm down and stay back. 馃槀 He is ruining my list and I dont want to redo my bias list
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