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Aish 😞
I'm so bad at Vingle, please forgive me. I swear I have been looking at everything I've been tagged in. I may be commenting here and there, I'm sorry if I've missed something. If it's super important, message me and be like GURL CHECK OUT THIS CARD! And I will.
I've had a terrible week and it's only Tuesday. I think I am going to be living on Vingle for a bit. I will be trying to cheer myself up by making cards about my oppas, so you're going to have to deal with that. I am in the middle of a break down so I'm just going to look at some pictures of my husbands and boyfriends...
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rapmon tying you up growling in your ear saying how bad you've been behaving
2 years ago·Reply
Hey sunshine, if you ever want to talk about anything I'm here to listen <3 we're all here for you!!! 💛💛💛
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i missed out a lot on vingle too your not the only one
2 years ago·Reply
who here likes sorta dirty imagines
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