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I'm pretty sure I'm zombied-out. These days, whenever I see a game that includes zombies I start yawning and pass out because I get so tired of this same old game re-done thousands of times. Sure, Umbrella Corps is a spin-off of the grandmother of all zombie games, Resident Evil, but that doesn't mean this'll be any better. Or good.
It looks like it's a mostly multiplayer PvP game where there happen to be zombies on the map at the same time you and the other group of dumb dumbs who bought this game are. It's okay, I don't really think you're a dumb dumb but hasn't this game been done already? Haven't we had enough of these weird zombie games that aren't really about anything other than shooting things back to death?
I say it's mostly multiplayer because at the end of the trailer above, you'll see there's a single player horde mode where you fight a bunch of zombies and it's supposed to be real cool and new and awesome. When in fact, it's fucking boring. I'm sorry. I tried, I really did with this one. But you couldn't pry off the stank-face I had while I watched this trailer.
This game is such a video game-ass video game it makes me kind of sick. I honestly want to meet an honest person who is hype for this game. Another Resident Evil game (a good one) would be nice, but this? No way. I have no interest in being a guy in a SWAT uniform shooting at other guys in a SWAT uniform in a world that is so irrelevant, most people don't even remember where Resident Evil started.
Just like, what are you doing Capcom? Can't make more Mega Man games? Or ANY OTHER GAME FOR THAT MATTER. PLEASE.
Umbrella Corps comes out in May, I guess. You can pick it up but I might judge you for it.