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This is crazy and so true! My dad never wins any disagreements against my mom, especially when she starts using any of these phrases except the "bonus". (Not that they have such scary disagreements that they yell at each other). So.... I guess once men started hearing one of these phrases, it's time to re-evaluate the situation and be very careful what will be your next word. They're very simple and yet. ...
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Of course I'll have them especially made just for you @InPlainSight . I just can't guarantee the taste will be to your liking. I'll have it dropped off by a parachute.
@1FallenAngel should be easy @InPlainSight like it plain. You don't know that it's gross.... It might be but might be the best concoction ever. BTW little late, but happy aussie day @InPlainSight
I told my ex once that if I ever say I'm "fine" and opposed to I'm "good" he can probably assume that I am not "fine" or "good" lol
YESSSS XD Mum always wins!
@Chrisingularis Missed the Aussie Day greeting....thank you.