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Heya folks! It me So Ishida is utterly blowing and destroying my mind. His brilliance knows no bounds and leaves me gnawing on my phone for more. So much is going on! Who's the king? Where the fuck you been Arima? Oh, so you're apart of V now? What are you up to Furuta? What's that on your arm Ka- Oh, that is your arm? it's pretty dope then. Eto lookin hella fine. Kaneki lookin hella fine. My thoughts are so jumbled. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME ISHIDA!
I always wanted to point how how hella fine Tooru is looking these days as well as his improvement with his knives. Even though it was a quick few panels, it's easy to see that he's a lot better and a lot more confident( Suzuya doing work son!).
One more person I wanted to point out was Seidou. Dude looking absolutely insane. I like it. Of course I don't like what happened to him, but I'm working with what I got here. This little panel of him also made me lose my shit. I cracked the hell up! I wasn't really expecting him to appear on the page and I just couldn't help myself. Any thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Let me know!
I read the latest on mangastream and I'm with ya. I'm definitely going to buy the volumes. I just want to have them. @begone
I have to read the next chapter! Also I haven't found it in English ;-; I need to own them <\3