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A week has passed ever since Hoseok saw Jimin and Jungkook in asleep in the same bed. It still haunted him but he kept a smile on his face. Jimin acted like nothing happened but Hoseok on the other hand, he tried his best to not let it get to him. He'd laugh as loud as always, he'd be his usual dorky self. Only difference was, he tried to keep his distance from Jimin, not too much though, for he doesn't want the boy to suspect anything. He has just been ‘preparing himself’ for the worst. Even if he'd cry at night. Jimin was oblivious to this and just thought that Hoseok was getting shy. ~ Hoseok sighed as he looked at the lyrics in front of him. As time passes by We only mess it up even more No way, no way, it’s collapsing again “Hoseok? Are you okay?” Jimin said as he looked intently at Hoseok and grabbed his hands. Hoseok pulled away slightly, “Of course I'm fine! Why wouldn't I be?” he smiled widely. “You're just not yourself right now. Are you sure you're o-” Hoseok interrupted him,- “I'm fine! Don't worry about me.” Jimin knew something was up but decided not to pursue. Hoseok smiled once more and skipped to his room before Jimin asked him anything. A house made of cards, and us inside Even if you say you see the end, even if you say it’ll collapse soon A house made of cards, and stupidly, us. How could he pretend that everything was okay? How could Jimin know something's wrong, but won't pursue him? How could he be so fine, when Hoseoks’ world is falling apart? Did he forget everything they went through? The secrets they kept? Did they mean anything to Jimin? Or was Hoseok just traveling a straight line that kept getting farther and farther away from Jimin? Even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more like this. Of course, they're both just a pretenders between these lines. ~ He sighed as another memory came to mind. “Stay with me Forever?” Jimin said with a smile as he held Hoseoks hands close to him. Hoseok smiled from ear to ear and nodded furiously. “I promise!” They connected their pinkies, then sealed it off with a kiss. Hoseok didn't realize he had been crying until he saw his tears land on the paper in front of him. He quickly wiped them away with his sleeve and sat back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling. He heard a knock on his door, “Come in” he said without moving. Namjoon appeared in his vision.  “Oh Hyung? What's going on?” Hoseok smiled as Namjoon stood there holding something in his hands. “This came in the mail for you. It doesn't have any return address but it does say that it's for you.” Namjoon showed the box to Hoseok. It was a small simple box, the size of two hands and had the name ‘Jung Hoseok’ in bold letters, at the center of the box. Hoseok stood up and took the box from Namjoons’ hands and placed it in a cabinet inside his desk. “I'll check it out later, I'm currently busy.” He said as he looked back at Namjoon. Namjoon walked over to Hoseoks’ bed and sat on it. Hoseok kept his eyes on him as he saw the elder walk to his bed. “Hoseok” he started, “Are you alright? Some of us have noticed that you're not the same- it's like you're body is here, but you, yourself, aren't. You do things with fake emotions nowadays and it gets me worried. What happened to you?” Hoseok smiled as he looked at a line he wrote unconsciously, “I guess I just realized, that I've been living with…” he thought of Jimin and smiled slightly, but one could tell it was forced, “A lie. It's bad to jump to conclusions, I know that, but when it feels so real, you tend to believe.” He looked at Namjoon, then back at the paper and read out loud his sentence, “I've been protecting someone, who isn't mine."
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why do I think of the scene in The MV run were jhope open a tube of pills n drinks like out of them (TAT) why am I hoping namjoon save him wtf why am I not asleep yet it's 2:17Am one more lol
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