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In case you missed this big news story-- Flint, Michigan is facing a BIG water crisis. And is under a pretty big investigation.
What happen to their water? Well, in 2014, the city left the Detroit water system to save on money, and it started taking water from a local river. 2 years later it was discovered that blood tests started showing higher levels of lead, and some serious health problems for young kiddos. The water switch it seems might've been an illegal one...
In the meantime, Flint community members are living drinking some seriously filtered water, and water bottles to get by. And it could be a seriously long time until they get any clean water.

Anyone else super frustrated that this is happening in the U.S. in 2016?!

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Makes me wonder how can they sleep at night knowing what they've done and the effects of it to those people!
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There's still an ongoing investigation though so I hesitated to put it in there @shannonl5 but yeah, I have a sneaking suspicion that all of that is VERY true. And I hate that it's going to take forever to fix... @1FallenAngel totally, why would you take a government job and not think of the best interest of the people? That just seems not right...
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@nicolejb yeah I'm going by the emails they released. And since a lot of the emails were redacted I suspect that they're hiding even worse things. Not sure what could be worse than willfully dismissing evidence that the water was contaminated
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This is horrible!!! I hate it how bad things keep happening
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@shannonl5 :( let's hope justice is served! Me too @Aripendragon makes me thankful what I have though.
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