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An intro to this boy band....who somehow not many people know.... I get it they are overshadowed by a lot of bands out there! So I will help you guys and introduce these boys (men) to you lovely girls (and boys)
First up....basic stuff They are under Pan Entertainment and debuted on 7/4/14 with their song So Into You. There are five members in total and mostly around the same age. They have release three songs in total: So Into You (digital single) Break Ya (digital single) Beautiful ( going to find out if this is a mini album) As of right now....they don't have a fandom name!
Member Profiles!!! Lee Dong Hyun Stage name: Donghyun Position: Leader and Main vocalist Birthday: April 28, 1991 Height: 185 cm (There really is no need to know how they weigh heh but his blood type is AB) Fact: Former member of X-5 and his former stage name was Taefung
Jung Hae Won Stage name: J.One Position: Vocalist Birthday: June 20, 1991 Height: 186 cm (blood type is A) Fact: Former member of 3Chongsa and X-5 (former stage name HaeWon) He has lived abroad as a child and can speak three languages ALSO HE IS MY BIAS!!!
Min Kyung Jin Stage name: Kyungjin Position: Vocalist Birthday: July 11, 1992 Height: 181 cm (blood type A) Fact: He is the shortest of the group and no other former bands
Choi Seok Hoon Stage name: Seokhoon Position: Lead vocalist Birthday: May 21, 1993 Height: 183 cm (blood type is A) Fact: Used to be a solo singer and second youngest
Kim Jin Wan Stage name: Jinwan Position: Rapper and maknae Birthday: September 7,1995 Height: 188 cm (blood type is AB) Fact: Former member of XING and X-5 (former stage name Sulhu) ALSO MY BIAS (FIRST ONE HEH)
Wah!!! I think this will be a two part so look forward to the next one (in a few minutes!) Jinwan and are total selca boys....their fb is full of pictures of them.....
AHH they look so cute
@Jinnyrod3 yeah they are one of the tallest groups!
are they all over 6ft? u serious? they are now my fave band. I'm like 5"10 so hello there
Seokhoon is my bias I love their song So Into U :) !! But no joke J.One looks like Korean guy version of my cousin
Are they on spotifiy?
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