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This was a great concept @thePinkPrincess! I had a lot of fun with it!
yeah, I'll bet he needed to bring a change of underwear too. He was more terrified than I was...
I'm not sure if that would put me at ease or if I'd slap him out of fright. heights are not my strong suit.
You can have it all Jin! I know it's just air and sugar, but I gotta watch my girlish figure.
Thanks! it'll look great on my couch!
why hello again!
you're a persistent little thing, aren't you? GOOD NIGHT!
Jin just took over 😀
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@PrettieeEmm he wouldn't go away! just like JHope at my wedding *scowel* *scowel*
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@KhrystinaLee haha sometimes he chooses you when you choose someone else I get that with Jhope
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