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Another week and another cover! But this isn't exactly a cover though cos they will be doing their own song, Yonghee. BUT OMG Hanbyul is teasing us with the song they will do this next week and I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! No really Led Apple doing /that/ song? It's epic man, epic. Can't wait till next week.
@moonminyeon @dreamgirl yeah other members all look alike except hanbyul oppa ...and han byul is so funny i still laugh because of his "i dont like you " hahahahahaha
loool thanks! now i don't know if i'll be able to remember the names cause i memorize them also on variety shows ^^ nzh dont apologize! that's very nice to have made the research :)
Haha to be honest I can only recognize Hanbyul and Kyumin the vocalist (but if he changes his hairstyle I wouldn't be able to). Did a quick search and Bassist - Kwangyeon, Guitarist - Youngjun and Drummer - Hyoseok. I usually learn names and faces through variety shows (that's when they are the most different right) but LedApple don't go on a lot of shows T_T p.s: sorry for the super long reply lol.
hey! do you know what are the member's other names? is it me or the bassists and the drummer look the same? it might be their hairstyles lol ^_^