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Another week and another cover! But this isn't exactly a cover though cos they will be doing their own song, Yonghee. BUT OMG Hanbyul is teasing us with the song they will do this next week and I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! No really Led Apple doing /that/ song? It's epic man, epic. Can't wait till next week.
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hey! do you know what are the member's other names? is it me or the bassists and the drummer look the same? it might be their hairstyles lol ^_^
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Haha to be honest I can only recognize Hanbyul and Kyumin the vocalist (but if he changes his hairstyle I wouldn't be able to). Did a quick search and Bassist - Kwangyeon, Guitarist - Youngjun and Drummer - Hyoseok. I usually learn names and faces through variety shows (that's when they are the most different right) but LedApple don't go on a lot of shows T_T p.s: sorry for the super long reply lol.
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loool thanks! now i don't know if i'll be able to remember the names cause i memorize them also on variety shows ^^ nzh dont apologize! that's very nice to have made the research :)
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@moonminyeon @dreamgirl yeah other members all look alike except hanbyul oppa ...and han byul is so funny i still laugh because of his "i dont like you " hahahahahaha
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