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You get home that day, Your getting ready for your date with Xiumin. You were so excited, you've been waiting and waiting for this day.You were dressed in a casual outfit, a black beanie, converse, skinny jeans, a button up shirt and a sweater. You hear a knock on the door as you you were about to grab your little purse. You walk over to open the door and you see him in a casual outfit. He was wearing a white shirt with black stripes, a white collar shirt under that and black jeans as he poses sexy for you.
"Ready Gorgeous?" You giggle as he takes your hand.
"Where are we going, Oppa?" He giggles as he says, "You'll see..."
You and Xiumin both have been walking for 2 hours and you heard screaming and laughing. You immediately tell Xiumin, "What was that?"
He points over to your left to show you that it was just kids on a rollercoaster. You panic with fear, "Umm.....Is that where out date is gonna be at?" Xiumin smiles at you as he nods with yes. You hold onto his hand even tighter.
"Something wrong, Gorgeous?" He asks you cutely. You gulp loudly, "No....It's just that...I'm scared of heights.."
"Awwww, If you want, I'll hold onto to you on the rides. I will always be here by your side don't worry." He whispers into your ear as he back hugs you tightly. You puts your hands onto his buff arms as you blush. The rest of the way to the entrance of the amusement park he justs backs hugs you as you guys were walking.
You guys get there and he pays for the whole thing. You look at him as you both smile at each other, "Hey,(Y/N), Wanna go on those bumper cars?" You smile as you nod yes.
You both run over towards the ride as you guys hold hands. As you guys are waiting in line, he sees you standing there, looking down, your arms wrapped around your torso.
He wraps his arm around your hips, you blush as you felt his warm touch. He brings you in closer towards him as he kisses your forehead. He turns towards your direction and hugs you as your head nuzzles into his chest, smelling his natural scent.
Sooner or later you guys are in the beginning of the line and the employee lets you in through the gate. He grabs your hand as you both run to the bumper cars. You sit in the pink car as he sits in the purple one. When the rides begin, he immediatey hits your car first on purpose. You hit him back. The whole time you both just hit each other as you both laugh your hearts out.
Soon the ride is over, he hops out and he walks over to you to take off your seatbelt and offers you his hand like a princess, "My gorgeous lady..." You take his hand as you get out of the seat. You guys walk over to sit down, He gets up and tells you, "I'm gonna go get us a water, You need energy..." You smile as he leans over to kiss your cheek. About 10 minutes later, He walks back with one drink with 2 straws in it. He hands it to you to hold onto it.
Xiumin sits next to you very closely to the point where his legs were touching each other. He grabs the water and drinks water and as he was drinking the water he offers you the second straw. You both start drinking the water and he sets his free hand onto your leg and strokes your soft skin. You both finish the water and he walks in front of you as your sitting in front of him, you look up at him smiling down at you with those cute asian eyes xD He grabs both of your hands at pulls you up to his body fastly making him hug you as you both walk back about 2 steps. He whispers into your ear, "Hey, Let's go win you a huge teddy bear so when you go home you can makeout and cuddle with your bear instead of your pillow.." You push him back and laugh as you give him a light push.
Xiumin pulls you over to his direction and you guys are now standing in front of a booth. He grans a ball to shoot at the bottle to knock it over. After about like a million of times, He finally makes it and wins you the huge fluffly teddy bear. He grabs it from the consession stand guy as he hands it to you. You hug it tightly and he hugs you with the bear between you both. After about 2 hours, You guys finally decide to go home. He walks you over to your house and to your porch.
" Well I had a great time with you Xuimin...
" You say shyly. "I did too, Gorgeous." He lifts up your chin and leans in for a kiss. You felt his passionate love for you by his lips touching yours. He keeps going for it as you run your fingers through his hair and as he puts his hand on your face and the free hand is on your hip. He pulls away for him to breathe. "Aisshhh, I'm gonna miss you, I had fun with you, Beautiful... And I want to tell you something...." He walks in closer to you as you felt his breath near your face as he is inches from your face. "I really really like you, (Y/N)" You respond back with a smile as you tell him, "I really like you too, Xiumin.." He kisses your cheek and walks away home, before you walk in to your house, You look at Xiumin and you see him looking at you but immediately turns away shyly. As you go to bed that night, You think about how happy you were. You think to yourself, "I like Xiumin and he likes me too..." :)
The first outifit is the outfit that you wore on the date and the second outfit's is Xiumin's outfit!!! xD
UGHHHHHHH...... THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!
he was already killing me
I can't wait for part 5
@MrsJungHoseok your welcome lol
omg that was too fucking cute sorry for the bad word but it's too cute
@Defy24601 haha I can just tag you in all my stories... If you want? >.<
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