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The next part....just going to be videos I find of them....there really isn't much out there.... Here you go derpy Lu:kus!!
Debut video!! I was awestruck....even from the screen I could tell these were huge guys! It was pretty amazing and this song is still on repeat!!! Check it out and fall in love!!
2nd single Break Ya! Since this was a digital single there is no actual music video I present the dance practice and making of album cover (not sure cuz its in Korean and i still don't have a great comprehension)
3rd single album Beautiful you will also see it most of the time in hangul which is 아름다워요 Lovely song!!
Also here are their official sites! Facebook Homepage Youtube Twitter Follow the boys on twitter Sorry they don't have anything recent!
@AdiaJasinski in love with who..........all of them?
imagine these boys visit u when u sad to make u feel better......awwww....the thought of it...... SOOO FUN
Yaaassss. Derp pics are the best.
they sound Awesome!! I have feeling they're going to be a big hit.
they're awesome!!!
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