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Are you all ready? Here is a oneshot for the one and only, Rap Monster
You wake up form your nap and roll on your side. You reach your arm out to feel emptiness next to you. You frown.
"Did he leave already?" you ask yourself. You throw the cover off of you and sit on the edge of the bed. You begin to stretch, making a little groan escape form your mouth. You look at the alarm clock and read the time, 3:02 p.m.
"Has it really been that long?" you think. You didn't plan on sleeping this long. You stand up, straitening your T-shirt and pulling down your shorts. You turn and walk out of your bedroom and into the hallway.
You scratch your head and walk into the living room. You stop once you see Namjoon sitting on the couch with his headphones on. You smile to yourself, thankful that he hasn't left yet. Then, a little voice told you to try and scare him.
You tiptoe your way to the couch, trying your hardest not to make any noise, even though you can hear his music with his headphones on. You walk up behind him and stand there for a minute, seeing if he'll notice you. When he doesn't you wrap arms around his shoulders, "Namjoon!" you shout before repeatedly kissing his neck. You feel his hands wrap around yours and his headphones land by your ear.
"Well, hello beautiful," he says as he pulls your arms away. he past the sear next to hi, motioning you to sit next to him. You throw yourself over the couch and plop down on the couch.
"Watch 'a doing?" you ask.
"Just listening to some new songs I downloaded. You want to listen?"
You nod as he grabs his headphones. He slides them over your head and places them over your ears. He presses the "play" button and your mind gets filled with the sounds of the song. You close your eyes and smile. Namjoon always has sew music, and he always shares it with you.
"This is really good," you shout, forgetting how loud the music was. He laughs and skips the song. "This song reminds me of you," he says before pressing "play."
You the instrumental part past, then you hear Namjoon's voice, singing to you. You listen to his words, getting emotional form all the things he's saying about you. You put your hand over your mouth, shocked by how much you mean to him.
When the song ends, he takes his headphones off of you and set them down by his notebook. He then puts his hand on your cheek. "I love you so much, jagiyah," he says before he puts his lips on yours. You kiss him back, not wanting to stop. When you part, you say, "I love you too, Joonie."
He smiles and puts his lips back on yours. You put your hand on his chest as he pushes you down on the couch. He moves his lips from yours and starts kissing your neck, sucking on the places he knows make you moan.
"Namjoon," you gasp. He stops kissing your neck and looks at you. "Don't you have work today?"
"No," he says, "Today is my day off. So we can do whatever you want." He smiles and winks at you
"Namjoon!" you shout and hit his chest with your hand. "Don't think like that!"
He smiles and starts kissing you again, pulling you closer to him.
Hope you guys enjoyed that little story. @chinabarrier16, how are you holding up? *wink wink*
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amazing I loved it! (γ€€οΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎ)