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Youngjae kidnaps me
Youngjae rival Himchan.
awww nice try Jongup :(
Zelo.....I can't your forever baby Zelo T.T
Was this revenge from when I have to pick who to kill in B.A.P on one of the games and I chose you. I didn't mean it though T.T
Yay YongGuk is my hero!
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@StefaniTre he's the rival of your kidnapper it makes sense lol
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I don't know why i laughed so hard at Jongup's failed attempt at saving you 馃槄but of course big daddy Guk to the successful rescue. I can see Himchan and Youngjae fitting perfectly into those roles, Zelo too.
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Lol these games r fun Should do infinite too @ashleyemmert
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Haha yeah that is on the list of things to do lol @StefaniTre
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yay. I'm enjoying these games
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