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Sorry its a day late. But here it is. I hope you like it @kookie9044 ^_^
*Sigh* Okay see these guys above?...Yeah they may seem cute and handsome but don't be fooled! They are the biggest dorks I've ever met! Nice but such dorks. I mean one can't even rap and has no jams. Still I have to say this is the greatest group of guy friends a Noona can ask for. They keep things, interesting (we'll leave it at that.) I'm even dating one of them. It's not too much of an age difference and he was rather insistent that we date. And I may of also had a crush on him as well. Okay so here's the story.
I work at a cafe that suga frequented quite often. After some time we became friends and would chat if I had a moment to spare. we had been friends for about two years and I had always heard stories about his friends and how annoying they could be. To me it sounded like they were just young and knew how to push his buttons. A few months after that two of his friends came in and instantly started asking how I knew Suga and if I was dating him. I was a bit shocked and but couldn't help but laugh a little as I hurried back to get their order. Soon after I met the rest of his friends and we all seemed to form some sort of bond with one another. One day Suga invited me to a sleepover with him and the guys. He said they needed Noona to supervise and keep things under control. After a bit of nagging I decided to go.
I didn't realize it was at V's house! Suga knew I had a crush on him and that I would never admit it. I enjoyed spending time with V but at his home? It was the first time I had been there. "NOONA!" V smiled pulling me in and placing an arm around my shoulders. Aish I had to try and fight off a blush. "Welcome to my man cave!" he made a wide gesture with his free arm. It was a two bedroom 1 bathroom and a small kitchen. "Wait this is your house?" I asked surprised. "Yup!" he smiled proudly. "Here I'll put your things in the other room." he took my bags before I could even respond. From what I had seen and, heard he had never done that for someone else.
The night was pretty fun with the guys trying to dance to some girl group songs. I was surprised that they could actually pull it off. Off and on V seemed to pop up beside me and ask me random questions about myself. "What was the longest I had ever dated someone? " "Noona your too pretty to be single!" "Noona, you should only love me." he did some aegyo. I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little at that.
As it got later into the night and we had finally cleaned up from our food fight J-Hope suggested Truth or dare. Uuuggghhhhh I hate truth or dare. Everyone was all in so I figured I may as well get it over with. Since it was raining we stayed inside to play. That meant we had to get more creative. Jimin had to run down the hall in just his underwear. He ended up getting locked out by the guys. I took pity on the poor boy and let him in. He ran straight for his clothes and was dressed before I even sat down. Rapmon had to twirl thirty times then try to sing and do the moves to I'm A Little Tea Pot. He ended up falling over and failing. Everyone had a good laugh at that.
Next it was Suga's turn to dare someone. Everyone had pretty much given up on Truth at this point. "I dare you to kiss Noona." he smirked. I blanked. This was exactly what I didn't want to happen. I had a crush on V not him. Jungkook got up and came over with a naughty adorable smile of his. I was frozen as he leaned down. "Don't worry. I'll just make it look good. I know you like V." he whispered before kissing my cheek. I realized as he pulled away that he had made it look like he had actually kissed me when he hadn't. Aaww. That was actually very sweet. I gave him a pat on the head before he retook his seat. I couldn't help but notice V pouting the rest of the time.
It was nearing 2 am and everyone was passed tired so I suggested we sleep. Every one got out there sleeping bags and began to lay them out. Jimin insisted he sleep beside me and suddenly V was on the other side as well. I guess since we all had out own sleeping bags there was no harm in it.
I woke up around 4 finding myself extremely thirsty so I got up to get a drink. Being mindful to not step on the maze of boys it took to get to the kitchen. Once I had finished I sat my glass and sink. "Aah!" I screamed and tried to be quiet. V was standing there looking upset. "Noona! Why did you kiss him?" he questioned. Before I could answer he went on. "Didn't I say you could only love me!?!" he, he was pouting and I found it adorable, although I didn't like to see him sad. "Tae Tae. I never actually kissed him. He only made it look like I did." I stared at the pouting boy. "R - really?" he asked looking suddenly happy. I nodded and before I knew it he was hugging me. A little surprised I hugged him back and couldn't help but smile. "Of course not. You said Noona could only love you." I told him with a small blush. He smile before leaning towards me. I would've backed up but his arms trapped me. Ever so slightly he pressed his lips to mine before applying more pressure. "Your mine now Noona! No one else can have you!" He said it so simply but I could feel the weight and implications behind his words. "Hmm, I suppose. So long as you never look at anyone else either." "Deal." he grinned before giving me another kiss. I forced him to go back to sleep as we were both exhausted. He refused unless he could cuddle with me. It was hard to say no to him. We were the last two to wake up and therefore gave the others a chance to tease us. I didn't mind too much. I was too happy that V and I were together.
Okay this last pic was just too cute not to post. I hope you enjoyed the story. Let me know what you think! ^^