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this explains this line
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@harukachiharu IKON IS COMING TO TOWN
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@kpopbtslife @harukachiharu they both mean stop but if im correct one is formal and one is if ur close u will say kumanhe if ur not youll say hajima i believe..cuz my friend Mayany who is korean said that Gomawa and Kamsamnida mean thank you in both formal and informal...but thats just a guess..could me..guys to girls is hajima and girls to guys is kumanhe..idk..
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this is sadly too accurate...
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and on after reading the comments ... hajima (하지마) literally means don't do that kumanae (그만해) literally means stop doing that so they both mean stop and in this case both are informal also for gomawo (고마워) and kamsamnida (감사합니다) are informal and formal respectively
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mmmm fhanxs
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