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Let's call a spade a spade: the 2015-2016 NFL season wasn't kind at all to Peyton Manning.
The future hall of famer produced the worst numbers of his career this year. Despite the down season, Manning stepped up when it mattered most and has led his team to the Superbowl.
This is the moment the Broncos have been waiting for since his arrival on the team. If Manning wins, should this be his last hurrah?
The quarterback acknowledged to the coach Bellicheck on that Sunday's AFC Championship Game might be the last time they match wits.
NFL Films' cameras captured audio of Manning's remarks.
"Hey, listen, this might be my last rodeo. So, it sure has been a pleasure," Manning said.
Denver general manager John Elway said last week that with the potential of a Super Bowl trip still in play, any decisions about 2016, either by Manning or the team, could wait.

Should Peyton Manning Retire After This Superbowl Game?

@gatorchick96 I am surprised he's still out there also, I think this is his last year though. I mean his body just can't handle anymore punishment at this point
He certainly made it seem like he was going to retire after this Super Bowl hahaha
I think it's time. It's time for him to pass the torch and hang up the cleats. I don't think he has anything to play for anymore and any problems he faced on the field this season will only get worse. He's had a great run but it's too tough of a game for a forty year old quarterback.
@evanyannetti Well taking your equipment off in Football does take a bit of time, but 15 mins is a VERY long time. The aches and pains of the game are def catching up to him. It's probably time to move on for him though
@christianmordi I read an article on what he goes through taking off equipment after each game and it takes him at least 15 minutes to get his gear off.
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