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The Seattle Seahawks moved a couple solid pieces and draft picks to acquire Jimmy Graham, but things didn't work too smoothly in 2015.
Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider made the rounds on local radio last week, and one player he discussed at length was Jimmy Graham.
Many believe that the Graham experiment could come to an end after one season in Seattle.
There are a couple reasons the Seahawks could move on from Jimmy Graham:
1-His health, he suffered a season ending injury in week 12 this year.
2-His salary, Graham is set to be paid 9 million next year.
3-His production. Graham was averaging 55.0 receiving yards per game before he went down. That ranked eighth among tight ends.
With that being said, the offense as a whole was struggling before Graham went down and finally found their rhythm late in the year. Also, Graham has been a stellar playmaker his entire career outside of last year, and is entering the prime of his playing days.

Will Jimmy Graham be back with the Seahawks next year?

By the sounds of it no and I wouldn't blame he Seahawks for it because it's just a matter of what is best for the team
I think there is a good chance to see him next season. The collapse of the run game without Lynch or Rawls opened up Wilson's passing attack by necessity. Not to detract from Christine Michael's performance late season. One might wonder if the dynamic of the Seahawks' offense has forever changed and if Graham will flourish with it?
I don't think he fits their needs. The Seahawks need tight ends that can block well for their run oriented offense, and he's never been a good blocker. Unless they rework the offense to better utilize him I think he's done in Seattle.