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The photos pretty much give you the answer already haha! Anyway, a survey was run on DC Inside asking the question, "Who do you think is the most filial idol?" gathering a total of 379,633 votes from netizens. SHINee's Taemin came in first with 141,257 votes (37.2%). He debut at age 14 and last year, he gifted his parents a house in Cheongdam-dong (The rich district in Seoul) and a foreign luxury car. Second is SNSD's Taeyeon with 118,158 votes (31.1%). She attracted attention by revealing that she bought her parents a big house with 3 bedrooms in her hometown, Jeonju. Selected with 61,146 votes (16.1%) is IU whose family underwent a hard economic situation in the past. She received a lot of praises when she gifted her father his dream car. Other idols that are also mentioned in the survey are Big Bang's G-Dragon, JYJ's Park Yoochun, and Kim Hyunjoong. The article is taken from mydaily. Do you agree with the result? Can you name any other idols and what they have done?
I can name a few that are very filial too. But the most filial for me is Yesung (he bought his parents a house, a car, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a glasses store!
They are so young and already bought their parents houses and cars. Make me feel bad about myself lol.