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He is part of YG entertainment boy band group, IKON. I really don't know as much but he is really handsome/cute. As I get to know him and how his personality is, I'm sure I will be his fan really soon. At first I didn't even notice him because when you just think about IKON, the first think that pops right in your head is B.I and Bobby. But then, that one song, Apology...... I literally fell in love with him and his voice... omg I never knew how amazing it was.
Birth Name: Kim Dong Hyuk Stage Name: Donghyuk Birthday: January 3, 1997 Position: Vocalist Height: 175 cm
Apology video Donghyuk part 0:26-0:37 My favorite part 3:00-3:05
He really looks like the cool guy in the group though. I really want to see more of him and see who he really is behind that handsome/cute face.
Look how cute he is❀❀❀❀
If there is anyone who knows about him, please tell me because I Really want to become a fan of his as Well as IKON. THANKS FOR READING *comment below*
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I love him πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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