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I'm super excited to start doing these cards!! So let me explain!
Basically every week I will be posting a card that will contain at least 1 MV and multiple pictures of a group that I love.
YES THAT MEANS A NEW GROUP FOR YOU TO CHECK OUT EVERY WEEK MAN (or at least until I run out of groups)
You'll be getting male groups, female groups, newer groups, and older groups, groups that just debuted and groups that may have disbanded, you'll even get duos and just singular artists! Basically if there is an artist, duo, group, etc.. that I love you will be told about them!
I'm so excited to share my k-pop collection with you all and if you ever have suggestions for an artist, group, duo, etc... Comment on any of the weekly cards (or this card) and I'll check them out if I haven't already and most likely add them to the list!! I will be tagging my squad @Helixx @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @catchyacrayon on all the cards (even if they hate me for all the rabbit holes hehe) so if you would also like to be tagged comment on any of the weekly cards (or this card) and you'll be tagged in any cards that have already been done and all cards to come in this collection!
I can't wait to start these weekly cards on Monday! Also since this will be a weekly thing, all individual member cards will be members from that weeks group, even if I've done cards for that groups members already. (which if you ask, I will tag you in that groups individual member cards if I've already done them and don't worry I will do the Seventeen cards before Monday) I CAN'T WAIT:)
@catchyacrayon You need to come to the VIXX dark side. It's really nice over here. Promise. You'll thank us later.
@ESwee You'll be tagged!:)
This sounds awesome! Please tag me!
Bring it on! I know you'll never make me come down this cloud 9 😈😈
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