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So I played the VIXX Screenshot game created by @KhrystinaLee . Here are my results:
I got Ken, lol I was hoping for N because he's my ultimate bias but I like Ken too!
Ravi? Why must you stalk me? We can be friends!
I guess since he isn't my Perfect Love Equation he's my best friend. :.( I guess that's better than nothing.
Ravi is this why you're stalking me?
:.( You don't have to be the third wheel!!!
I'm sorry Hongbin!!!!
This was fun to do!!!! @KellyOConnor @Kpopandkimchi You guys should to this too!
Ravi seems to be stalking a lot of you ladies (or possibly Leo if he's your true love). We need to get Ravi a puppy to keep him busy or something....
@KhrystinaLee Lol I noticed that a lot of people got him! XD
I think Ken was stalking me on mine xD Ravi was my best friend