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So I got a new color and it's this shiny blue... Maybe it's the fact that my face is not made up and that the shirt is clashing.
This is the Blue it's by Nyx and it's a Sinful lipstick. My boyfriend things I'm nuts again and I told him, Hell I'm not working right now so let me mess around with stuff I never did before. Btw have I told you I love my bathroom light. I can actually see my face, the color of my eyes to the random lint in my hair. I love it.
Okay the break down, the lipstick goes on smooth and you need to at least do 3 laps of it so you can get a full color. Be careful when you eat because this buddy is not teeth friendly at all. I did not even have dinner yet and some how I got some on my teeth. So my lovely Vingle Make up lovers tell me! Trash it or keep it? @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @TessStevens @jordanhamilton @amobigbang And the rest of the Vingle. Men throw in your two cents. @buddyesd @InPlainSight @InVinsybll
I do love the color on you. (Your eyes look super rich!) If it's trailing, you can try a different brand in a similar shade. We run into the problem all the time buying new brands so that we all match for competition. I can give a method that will keep it off your teeth, but it is a little more work, you know? (You DON'T want black, blue, blood red lipstick on your teeth on your stage!! Lol)
@amobigbang lol I used to bartend so I'll *make* the drinks XD
@LAVONYORK lol I wish I could @shannonl5 can buy drinks lol
@amobigbang come do my winged eye lol
I don't know shit about makeup but it looks good on you!
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