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thnx for the tag @VeronicaArtino thumbs up for the awesome idea @KhyristinaLee

Perfect Love equation

(yasssss Ravi)


(Ken is a stalker Lol aww but he's too sweet to be a bad person...the kindest stalker Lol)

Best friend

(I can be Ken's friend Lol)

Ex Boyfriend

(Only bc Ravi... otherwise I would never break up with Leo)

Third wheel

(Lol aww Hong bin being a Third wheel)

Don't even realize he exists

(Lol what happened to us being best friends, apparently he was just delusional...since I apparently don't know he exists)
I'm satisfied with the results Lol I got ken so many times though
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I have a valentine's day game I'm putting together now. But still working on the concept, I may need to consult my best friend *cough* Leo *cough* for some advice.
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loved these results
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