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Sugar chiffon.
Blush ganache.
Edible karat gold.
Are you seeing this Nadia & Co masterpiece?!
If you're in the Ontario area, seeking a cake artist who's expert in FABULOUSNESS, then you need to make an appointment with Nadia Colella, the founder behind the epic eats and treats from her Nadia & Co shop north of the border. Canadian brides have it so good, I swear!
This is my must-have V-Day wedding cake. I've been drowning in cakes for days--looking for THE ONE. And this is it. It spoke to me and said, Marshall, I am the cake for Valentine's Day 2016. And I said, Yes, my dear, you really are!

When you saw this cake, what did it say to you? Tell me!

It's a beautiful cake! Looks and sounds like it would be tasty, too! @InVinsybll My mom and her boyfriend have been together for 21 years, and have no plan to get married. They feel the same way as you and I understand what you mean. But I will marry my boyfriend of 5 years, one day. I think the ceremony and what it stands for is beautiful.
@InPlainSight and that's dope! I just, idk. I feel the commitment in the... commitment? not trying to sound douchey or make light of it, but I'm saying we've been dating so long we're almost a single, gross organism.
You know it's a great cake when @nicolejb uses ALL CAPS TO COMMENT. :) hahaha And you're so right @humairaa, regardless of taste, this is a masterpiece of cake art for sure. @butterflyblu, you have a cake artist named Nadia in Barstow? (it's Barstow, right?
Oh, it really is beautiful! She does amazing things with cake...we have an amazing Nadia here in the Valley, too, but man. Smh. Gorgeous!
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