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26. Write a short message to each member.
I'll start with the oldest: Hakyeon: Thanks for being an amazing leader to VIXX. I love how cute and compassionate you can be with the members! Keep your head up and ignore all the haters and their comments about your skin color, because I'm definitely sure you have more people that love you! Don't work yourself too hard, stay healthy! Leader N fighting! Leo: Take care of your voice and ignore all the people who have called you weird for being quiet! Just continue being yourself and don't let others change you! Us starlights love you for you! Stay Healthy! Ken: Keep being you Ken! I love how funny you can be and that you just love being yourself! Stay healthy! Fighting Kenjumma! Ravi: Keep writing those amazing songs! Ignore all the other rappers that throw shade at you and say that you aren't a real rapper! You are amazing! Also stay healthy! Hongbin: Don't work yourself to the bone with this drama and VIXX stages! Keep your health good and keep up that dimpled smile! Hyuk: Keep up the teasing you sassy maknae! Don't let others get you down either! Stay healthy and don't hurt yourself, lovely maknae! Oh and stop growing up! We're the same age and you make me look like I'm nowhere near your age! Fighting Hyukkie!
@MelissaGarza No problem! I've seen episode one and it's not bad at all!
@ChaErica thanks for letting me know.☺
oh ok, I saw that on Viki but haven't start watching yet. Now I know Hongbin is in it, I'll definitely start watching ☺
what drama is Hongbin coming out in?
@MelissaGarza He's currently starring in Moorim School.