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Okay, so I'm working on getting caught up on this show - I just paused in the middle of ep.9 to make this card - but I just gotta say somethin'...
WHAT THE HECK HUMANITY?!?! I cannot stand the greed and selfishness in this show. Is your life more important than other's? The way they so willingly screw someone else's life to heck just to make their life makes me so, so...

So freaking mad!!!

Like really guys, really?

I hope you enjoyed this mini rant of mine <--(insert sarcasm here) Although it tends to hit my nerves sometimes, I really like this show and am thoroughly enjoying it!! @kamiamon Have you seen the latest episodes yet? I'm almost caught up.
@LikeABird omg i know!!!! 😣😣😣
@Kamiamon Oh my gosh me too!!!! I was so freaking stressed at the end of episode 9 when he couldn't remember and passed out! >ㅇ<
I don't know what's going to happen!! and I'm becoming increasingly worried about yoo seung ho's character. I'm just so freaking anxious!!!
i love this show! I usually waotba couple weeks to watch it so I can watch several episodes at once!
@KhrystinaLee I like doing that too! I think it helps you to get into the story more if you can watch back-to-back episodes.