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Prologue - C1 - C2 - C3 - C4
(I abbreviated their names cause I didn't feel like putting their entire names)
"For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen...Jin"
Everyone cheered for him loudly, except Jungkook. He complained silently about being the youngest. Jin stood up to bathe in his glory then sat down beside me on the bed. He put one arm on my shoulder and held my hand in the other.
"Y/N, I can and will protect you. Don't worry, I'm a very reliable person. Even if I am protecting you from the people from the facility, you can still act as if I'm your friend." He gave me a gentle smile and I smiled back at him.
"He really is one of the best to chose from. Under all the pink is a man who can protect his woman." Jimin stood in front of us with his arms crossed.
"Very true, that's why you weren't chosen." Jin let go of my hand and took his arm off my shoulder.
"And that's why you only get 4 lines, Jin." Jimin smirked and sat on what I assumed was his bed.
"Hey! Don't talk like that to your hyung!" Jin pointed at Jimin accusingly then calmed down. I swear they are not actually adults. Hoseok crawled over to where me and Jin were sitting. Yoongi walked over too to talk. Hoseok was asking Jin about some noodles for the morning. Yoongi sat and listened like I was.
"Hoseok," I spoke up, "Do you have a thing for noodles...or? You've been talking about them a lot today."
"Oh, I just saw some in a store a few days back. They looked very interesting and delicious. I thought Jin could make them even better. I guess you haven't had his cooking yet but it's amazing!" Hoseok was slightly bouncing on the bed.
"Ah, but I was told that Jin actually couldn't cook. Especially breakfasts." I was a bit confused.
"Who told you that? That person must be mental to think that." Yoongi said sleepily and stole a look at Taehyung. Taehyung was wearing some kind of hat and waving his arms around with Jungkook.
"It was Namjoon who told me." Namjoon turned around when he heard his name.
"Aish, what did he do this time?" Jimin looked at Namjoon suspiciously.
"Joonie, did you criticize my cooking to y/n? this morning?" Jin walked up to Namjoon.
"No, I simply told her that you can't cook breakfast and just tell people that you can cook." Jin stood in front of him and crossed his arms. He looked like a dad about to scold his child.
"You know that that isn't true!" Jin started scolding him.
"Well...I..." He couldn't get much out before Jin kept yelling at him about how great his food is. The rest of us just continued talking. Yoongi talked about Seoul and what there is to it. Hoseok got the idea of going tomorrow as a tour. He admitted that they tried to stay away from the tourist areas since it was always packed. It's not a popular touring season so it shouldn't be too crowded. Jin finished scolding Namjoon and came back to talk with us. Hoseok told him of his idea of going to Seoul tomorrow and he agreed that it would be good for me.
Later in the night all 8 of us ended up playing 007. It usually ended up with either Yoongi loosing because he wasn't paying attention or Hoseok who was messing with Taehyung. It got late and Jin ended the game and got us to go to our rooms. No wonder I almost fell asleep during the game, it's almost 1 o'clock. I changed and went to the bathroom. Jin came out of his room after I left the bathroom.
"Y/N, I just thought of something, could I move into your room tomorrow? It's just so that I can be there in case anyone tries to get you during the night." I nodded. "Alright then, good night, y/n." He smiled and went back into his room. I walked back to my room and sat on my bed. I suppose that is a good reason and a good idea to move into my room. Hopefully he doesn't say much about my sleeping habits. And he doesn't say anything about how I look in the morning.
I walked over to my mirror and looked at myself. No use wishing for good looks, it'll make me feel bad about myself. I lightly hit it with my fist. I turned off the light and got in bed.
I sat straight up in bed feeling panicked. What was that loud crash? I turned on the lamp beside my bed and looked over to where the sound came from. My mirror had fallen off the wall. The pieces were everywhere, all over the room. Since the place where the mirror was is close to my bed, it wasn't safe to get out of bed to get stuff to clean it up. Luckily someone came to my room. All of the boys came to see what the noise was. Guess the crash was quite loud, loud enough to reach the quadruplet's room.
"What happened in here?!" Jin was in the front of them all and looked at the mirror pieces.
"The mirror apparently fell off the wall, and this happened." I sat on my bed looking around.
"Y/N, are you hurt? Jimin, get the stuff from the closet." Jin stepped into my room so some of the others could see. Jimin came back with a broom and a dust pan. Jin thanked him and started cleaning up the pieces. He made a path from the door to my bed. "Y/N, you can't be in here, I don't want you to get hurt." He put out his hand and I took it while he led me out of the room. I sat in the living room with Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin. Yoongi went back to sleep, Hoseok was helping Jin clean up, and Namjoon was standing to the side.
Most of the others had gone back to bed except Jin, Jungkook and Jimin. It was around 4 in the morning and I almost fell asleep on the couch. Actually, I did fall asleep, not completely asleep but still somewhat conscious. Someone carried me back to my room and set me down in my bed. I was pretty sure it was Jin because I heard Jungkook and Jimin talk as they went down the hall. Later I confirmed it to be Jin. He said something before he left my room.
"Y/N, I hope you continue to be safe." I heard my door close. My consciousness left me and I fell asleep.
I woke up and looked around. According to my clock it was 8:35. I tried going back to sleep but couldn't. Eventually after some mental debate I got up and walked out of my room. I went to the bathroom then sat in the living room to read or something. I was reading some K-Star magazine when Jin walked out from his room. What was he doing out here so early?
"Y/N?" Jin squinted against the sunlight. "What are you doing awake this early? I thought you would've slept more since the incident last night." He walked over to the kitchen and got a glass from the shelf.
"I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep." I set the magazine down and walked over to him. "So why are you up early?"
He filled up his glass with water and took a gulp of it. "I'm going to make breakfast of course. Remember that I can cook!" He finished his water and put it set it in the sink.
"I do remember that you can cook! I got my memories back." Jin turned and looked at me stunned.
"You did?" I nodded with a smile. "When?" I shrugged and watched his smile come onto his face. "Alright, when each person comes out we'll tell them." I nodded again.
"So, are we gonna make a breakfast for us all, or are we going to eat out again?" I walked over to face him.
"We?" He walked to the fridge and opened it.
"I can cook pretty well. Well, that's what my memories are telling me."
"But you don't know how to cook the Korean way, now do you?" He picked out a carton
of eggs from the fridge.
"Then I suppose you'll have to teach me." He nodded and got some cabbage out from the fridge and a few other ingredients.
"Fine, there's some pans in there, grab the red one and the large yellow one." I did as he told me. He continued helping me out with cooking. I taught him a few thing and he showed me how the other members likes their food. Later on Jimin and Hoseok walked out and saw both of us cooking.
"Y/N can cook?" I nodded at Jimin. "Good to know..." He sat with Hoseok at the table talking. Namjoon was the next to walk out, then Jungkook with Taehyung. Jin did what he said he would do, tell each member that I had gotten my memories back when they came out. Each one congratulated me then sat down. Everyone was out there except Yoongi.
"Jin, should someone wake Yoongi up? The food is almost ready." I looked at Jin who was focused on the noodles. He told Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin to go wake him up. They nodded and walked back to Yoongi's room. Jin told Namjoon to get the chopsticks out and Hoseok to get the cups out. A short time later we heard a yell and a lot of laughter come from Yoongi's room. A bit later Yoongi walked out of his room holding his head and the triplets following laughing.
"What did you guys do to him?" Namjoon looked at the three boys who started settling down. Jungkook finally caught his breath and explained that they had gently poked him awake and got super close to his face so he would get scared. Unfortunately he went back so far he hit his head off the wall. Jin shook his head and told me to get the serving plates and to put the food on them. We set the food out and they ate most of it in a very short time.
We all finished and cleaned up. I helped Jin clean the kitchen and the dishes. Back in my room, I changed into a white shirt with a red rose on it, white pants, and my red converse. I left for the bathroom and cleaned up. I probably shouldn't touch mirrors anymore, so I didn't. Jin was standing in front of my door when I came back. He was holding a rose pink notebook.
"Jin, what are you doing here? Do you need something?"
"Yes, I thought that you might want to keep a journal while you're here. I was going to give this to my mother, but I found a better one for her. So now this is yours." He held the notebook out for me to take. I held it in my hands and looked at the front and back. It looks like there's flower petals. "Here's this too. You need to write with something. I think it compliments the notebook well." It was a baby yellow pen with lilies.
"This is really pretty, Jin! Thank you!" I gave him a light hug. "And thanks for carrying me back to bed last night."
"You knew?" I nodded shyly. "You were probably exhausted, so that was the least I could do for you." I smiled and he excused himself and left for his room. I went back into my room and sat at my desk with the notebook and pen. I should log everyday even if it isn't very interesting. The pages were white with black lines and a box at the top for the date.
On the front I wrote my name in case I take it out with me. I decided to write about yesterday and all that had happened. There was writing on the first page in the center of the page. I could tell it was Jin's handwriting.
"This girl, y/n, I think she's the one. I can tell."
So that is the end of chapter 5! Gonna tell you now, I'm not going to update the story for about a week or week and a half. I've decided to write all of the parts then release them at about the same time. They will be posted <here> on Wattpad since that is where I write/type them up. I hope you are enjoying the story so far. Remember to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments. (no smut) Questions are welcomed too! Hope you are enjoying the story, I am! It'll branch out soon enough. Buing~
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