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I don't know if you guys will be interested, but i have been noticing a lot of Russian stuff in kpop lately. 1st picture V is wearing a t shirt with a Russian flag and name of some state (I have no clue where it is,, even google doesn't know it. 2nd picture Suga wearing a t shirt with with the same word Гоша as Tae. Гоша is a dudes name and what he has after that is Руб... and the rest is covered so I don't know. 3rd is Infinite's music video for back and the fighting scene is in front of a sign Осторожно огеопасный which means careful it is flammable.
Just somethings that i noticed. Do you find it interesting?
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It definently excites me that Kpop is trying to reach many different places. It's great to see that English is not the only thing they are willing to explore, and many others will get to experience the talent of KPop as well.
I guess they'd like to be diverse? Idk.
This is awesome!!! I'm Russian myself and makes me feel great about this effort
I never noticed this, thanks for pointing it out!!! I think it's amazing :D
I found what the thirst writings on Tae and Suga meant Гоша Рубчинский is name of a fashion designer