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Cheese In The Trap!!!!! Who is with me ??

Thank god my housemates recommended me this drama, he told me u will regret if u dont watch it!!! omo now im like totally addicted with it! I like how the main lead- Park Hae Jin's character even though he is like a social pathic, but it makes him so cool and so real! Of course his love for Hong Sul. Gawwd !!! I also like the way Hong Sul dress in this drama , so many beautiful clothes !!! P.S and i knw most of my friends gt d SLS haha! P.S Nam Joo Hyuk was the first reason i started to watch this drama!
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U Gotta Watch it ! the latest 2 episode have released !!! gawd now i have a hard time cuz need to wait for a week til the new episode
I only watched to episode 2 but all the gifsets I've seen from it are SOOOO funny!