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鞎堧厱 Guys! Well its been a while since I have posted a card and I have a lot on my mind so I wanted to write this. I feel like I have found my family here in this Vingle community and it makes me happy to know that I have somewhere to turn to. This past month honestly had been crappy as hell but also really good so I want to explain it so someone can help me at least.
So my bias list has been compromised and I SIMPLY CANNOT CHOOSE A BIAS. I have my top three Ultimate biases but not any other bias list. I cant decide and I dont know how to determine it. I have a bad case of anxiety and this clearly doesnt help. This all leads back into my brainwashing by fake friends. At some point in my life, my "friends " told me that its weird that I dont fit in with them. I felt really offended but soon after I had convinced myself that it was true so ever since I have been trying to fit in but most recently something happened that caused to want to be me. I have a bias list that I want to consist of at least 6 man candies. So how did you end up choosing your biases?
Another problem I have been having is the lack of motivation. I dont know why but I dont feel like I have a reason to do anything and its really bumming me out that I feel this way. I dont know how you guys manage to do everything that you set out to do but I just dont go that far. I WANT To but then I never do. Im confusing as you can already tell.....
I just want new friends that are there for me whether we are on the same hemisphere or not and its selfish to ask for it but yeah.
Please help someone T.T
Honestly, even though it looks like I'm doing a lot, I struggle a lot with following through too. I'm motivated for split seconds then lose interest - you're not alone!
@ashleyemmert thank you so much
Yo! I got you fam! I know what it's like to be the outcast! But you just gotta let it all roll off your back be confident in yourself! When people see that you are confident then they tend to gravitate toward you and love you for your quirks. And as for a bias list I don't even have one anymore I'm just like everyone is my bias! Lol @chowchowneko
@kpopandkimchi thank you ;3
@chowchowneko of course!